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Clinical Psycholist Caty Gierer

B.Psych Sci (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical)

Caty Gierer, Clinical Psychologist

“As long as he denies his own agency, real change is unlikely because his attention will be directed toward changing his environment rather than himself"




Perennial Psychology is a clinical psychology practice based in Footscray, Victoria, run by clinical psychologist Caty Gierer.  Caty is a warm and engaging clinical psychologist, with several years of experience. She has worked both in public and private practice, and has considerable experience working in acute tertiary-level public settings. Caty believes that our ability to transform and see meaningful change lies within our ability to first tune into ourselves and to be curious about our internal experiences. It is ultimately this, coupled with our willingness to take responsibility that leads us to meaningful therapeutic change.


Caty works collaboratively with clients to establish therapeutic goals and develop treatment plans, with a central part being the development of a shared formulation. This is a way in which a psychologist and a client come to understand current difficulties in the context of one's life. Caty’s client’s know her for her honesty and authenticity, and her unwavering capacity to hold hope for recovery. Caty’s dialectical therapeutic approach is person-centered, creative, dynamic and known to include a sprinkling of humour. Caty specialises in the treatment of personality disorders and eating disorders. 


Our practice

In botany, perennial is a word used to describe a plant that exists for a long time, and blooms and grows indefinitely. In other words, perennial symbolises everlasting growth.

From the beginning of time across both Eastern and Western philosophies, trees have long-been symbols of life, strength and prosperity. It is in this way that Perennial Psychology was established, with the name and symbol reflecting the development and practice of enduring personal growth. Perennial Psychology practises in a way to ensure that your therapy journey leads to sustainable and meaningful change for your mental health.

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